Cork wall

Cork and the products we get from it

Do you want your interior to look natural and elegant at the same time?

We recommend natural cork, an organic raw material with many important properties.

Cork has many valuable properties that have contributed to its universal use in many areas of life. This unique material is flexible and light, which allows for easy installation in the form of self-adhesive wallpaper or simple cork wall.

As it does not deform, it can be used to create expansion slats and fill cavities. On the other hand, the cork on the wall insulates the room well from the cold. Cork is a very good insulator.

The dead cells of natural cork are arranged next to each other so that they fit tightly together. Thanks to this, it creates an excellent barrier, impermeable to liquids and gases. 


Our store offers cork rolls made of natural or patterned cork. We also offer a cork wall and rolling plug that can be used for self-production of this type of equipment. We sell cork in rolls, cut 1 m each, with a thickness and grain size adapted to the requirements of our customers. It can be used as a wallpaper on a wall or a cork under panels and directly under carpets.

The popularity of natural cork is evidenced by its wide use in households. In addition to the aforementioned cork mats and self-adhesive wallpapers, this material is used in offices and public buildings in the form of cork boards. This is the best solution for placing important notes, spreadsheets and flyers. In addition, who of us did not use popular cork mats for hot drinks. They are perhaps one of the most popular products made of natural cork.

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